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Koshkar is a type of shoe that is entirely handmade and created of authentic leather. The inside part of the shoes is made of goatskin while underneath the shoes; a water buffalo skin is used. Look how well the stitches are as they are all done manually. No chemical substances are found in its structure so the foot can easily get a good supply of air in and out.

Goatskin refers to the skin of a goat is denoted by the term Morocco leather. Kidskin is used for gloves, shoes and other accessories. Water buffalo leather is a bit lighter than the usual veg-tan cowhide, containing more visible grain and a subtle matte finish. Strong and sturdy, buffalo leather provides top-notch quality shoes and craftsmanship.

Skillfully constructed by craftsmen using the finest materials, Koshkar handmade shoes used the finest materials, to ensure the highest quality and comfort. All shoes are designed to fulfill the demands of a modern lifestyle. Whatever pair of handmade shoes you choose; your investment will be rewarded.